The FishStix™ Story

Hunter Welch was a born fisherman. Now don’t get us started about a guy named Hunter who’s a fisherman. I’m sure there are guys named Fish who are also avid Hunters, so let’s just leave that one alone for the time being.

Hailing from the heart of East Texas, Hunter and his twin brother are true-blue fishing fanatics, born and raised with rods in their hands. They spent their childhood reeling in fish left and right (or aspiring to, anyway!) from any body of water they imagined fish might call home.

But one day, destiny cast its line in Bolivar, Texas, and Hunter got hooked on the thrill of saltwater fishing. It was his soon-to-be father-in-law who showed him the ropes, and boy, did Hunter fall head over boots for it. He was all in, determined to master the tricks of the trade and build himself the perfect fishing rod. Hunter and his wife, Liz packed up their gear and settled down in Bayou Vista after she graduated from UT Tyler, and that’s when things got reel interesting. Hunter's rod-making hobby turned into a full-on obsession, building rods that make fishermen tremble with excitement and fish tremble in fear (if fish are capable of such a thing). It was then that he had an idea strike him like a trout on a lure - FishStix™! Catchy and memorable, it was destined to make waves in the fishing world.

In 2014, FishStix™ became official. At first, it was a side gig, while he juggled school and being a stay-at-home dad to his two little anglers. He took his FishStix™ rods to the Bay City on the Square monthly market, where folks set up shop and sell their goodies. On his first go-round, he reeled in three customers. The next month, three more took the bait. Hunter kept casting his line, month after month, until one day he got his big break at the Houston Fishing Show in March 2015. That's when FishStix™ caught a whole netful of attention and hooked loads of folks.

As time swam on, Hunter realized he wasn't just a guy selling rods, he was on a mission to give every fisherman the time of their lives. He wanted folks to have the best darn fishing experience ever, starting with the perfect rod tailored to their particular fishing style, their favorite spots (whether saltwater or fresh), and the fish they aimed to snag. Seeing the grins on customers' faces when they felt the featherlight and tough-as-nails FishStix™ rods and seeing them come back again and again warmed Hunter’s heart like sitting 'round a campfire sharing fishin' tales.

FishStix’s business is built on trust, respect, and honor. But Hunter has bigger dreams than a Texas-sized catfish. Every sunrise brings new aspirations. His aim is to have a FishStix™ rod in in the hands of everyone who has ever entertained the notion of fishing, all across the good ol' US of A. He believes in dreamin' big, 'cause you never know what kind of fish you'll reel in.

Let Hunter's dreams swim alongside yours as you chase the biggest catches and have a whale of a time. Grab your hat, put on your fishing shirt, hitch up your britches, and dive into the world of FishStix™. (No hat or shirt? FishStix™ has you covered on those, too!). Remember, when it comes to FishStix™, the sky's the limit. So cast your line, reel 'em in, and join the FishStix™ family. It's gonna be a fin-tastic ride, partner!


12408 Highway 6

Santa Fe, Texas 77510


MON-FRI - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Hunter & Liz Welch, Founders of FishStix™