They say if you walk into a hardware store looking for a 3/8” drill bit, it ain’t the bit that you really need — what you really need is a 3/8’ hole. The bit is a means to an end.

But picking out a new fish stick is different. Getting the right rod is the means to a beginning —the beginning of a journey. The beginning of immeasurable hours of challenge, enjoyment, the pursuit of the next big catch (and the next big fish story!)

Choosing the best fishing rod – the one that is best suited to you – is important. But it doesn’t need to be complicated. You see, most fishing is situational. Whether you fish in freshwater, or saltwater; inshore, offshore, or in the marsh, FishStix has a rod specifically designed for you.

The Kitchen Sink: Your All-Occasion, Go-To Rod

When it comes to versatility, there's one rod in our catalog that stands out above the rest, and that's The Kitchen Sink. This bait cast rod is built for throwing a little bit of everything. It has enough backbone and power to throw heavier baits like Topwaters, Popping Corks, Live bait, and Crankbaits but still has a fast enough tip to be able to throw tails. It is our best seller by far, making it the perfect place to start for the new fishing enthusiast as well as the "go-to" all-occasion rod for experienced anglers.

Length Matters

Forget what you may have heard. LENGTH MATTERS! Longer rods give you more casting distance, and more leverage on the fish while fighting it. Most people fishing from a boat enjoy rods that are 7’. People who wade fish usually like a little shorter rod, making it easier to net their fish and easier to cast without hitting the water behind them in their wind up.

Line and Lure Rating

Line and Lure rating is something else to consider. We’ve done a great job putting “real life” Line and Lure ratings on all our rods. We specifically rate each rod so you can use it successfully in the right situations. Sure, you can cast almost anything with all of our rods, but line and lure ratings help you to dial in the specific rod you are looking for, for each specific situation.

Material: Go with Graphite

We’ll keep this real simple: With rare exception, you should get a graphite rod. Graphite has a unique combination of properties that make it ideal for almost every fishing situation. It’s extremely lightweight compared to other materials, allowing you to cast with less effort and fatigue, making a graphite rod much more enjoyable to use for extended periods. Its high strength-to-weight ratio provides excellent performance and durability while maintaining a sensitivity that can transmit even the slightest movements or vibrations. This means you’ll feel the action of the lure and detect bites more effectively. Graphite fishing rods also have excellent flexibility, enabling them to bend and recover quickly. This is crucial for casting accuracy, controlling the fish during a fight, and reducing the risk of the rod breaking under pressure. The stiffness of graphite is another advantage, contributing to improved casting distance and accuracy. FishStix offers graphite rods in various actions and powers, allowing anglers to choose the right rod for different fishing situations.

Action Matters Too

Action can be an important consideration. The faster the action, the less bending your rod does as you move away from the tip. Rods come in Moderate, Moderate/Fast, Fast, and Extra Fast!

  • Moderate Action rods bend parabolic from the reel seat all the way to the tip.
  • Moderate/Fast Action rods bend at the top 2/3 of the rod.
  • Fast action Rods bend at the top 1/3 of the rod.
  • Extra Fast Rods bend at the top 12” of the rod.

Understanding the different rod actions is crucial in selecting the right fishing rod for your desired experience. Moderate action rods, with their parabolic bend from the reel seat to the tip, are excellent for beginners and those seeking a versatile option. They offer a forgiving bend that's ideal for absorbing the shock of a fish's sudden movements, making them great for various fish species and providing an enjoyable, relaxed fishing experience. Moderate/fast action rods, bending at the top 2/3 of the rod, strike a balance between sensitivity and power. They are versatile enough for a wide range of fishing scenarios, making them suitable for anglers targeting a variety of fish sizes. Fast action rods, bending at the top 1/3 of the rod, offer increased sensitivity and are best suited for experienced anglers chasing larger fish. They allow for precise casting and quick hook sets, making them ideal for more challenging catches. Lastly, extra-fast rods, with a bend in the top 12 inches, are designed for anglers looking to tackle aggressive and strong fish species. These rods provide exceptional control and are perfect for those seeking a thrilling, action-packed fishing adventure. Choosing the right action will significantly impact your fishing success and overall enjoyment on the water, so make sure to match your rod's action with your fishing goals and target species.

Dos and Don’ts

Finally, here are some Dos and Don’ts to help you get the FishStix of your dreams:

  • DON’T use a sledgehammer to drive a nail. Choose the right fishing rod for the specific type of fishing you want to do. As you expand your fishing horizons, expand your fishing rod arsenal.
  • DO sign up for the FishStix Newsletter so you can stay up on the latest fish tales and tips! Plus, you’ll be on our list to be notified on the latest FishStix apparel designs, gear, and seasonal and promotional offers.
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  • DON’T buy another fishing rod. Get a catching rod, from FishStix!

So, as you embark on your fishing journey, remember that finding the perfect FishStix rod is about more than just choosing a tool—it's about selecting the right companion for your adventure. And if you're looking for a rod that can handle a bit of everything, from Topwaters to Crankbaits, look no further than The Kitchen Sink. It's the rod that's earned its place as a favorite among anglers, whether you're just starting out or you've been casting lines for years. Happy fishing!