Use The FishStix Rod Buyer's Guide For Help Pickin' Out The FishStix Rod of Your Dreams

About FishStix Rods

Your new FishStix rod will have those fish wriggling in anticipation! Born and raised in Galveston County, these rods are the pride of Texas. Fishstix is determined to become every angler’s preferred, lightweight, high-performance fishing rod, one premium rod and one satisfied customer at a time.


Eye-Popping Colors

FishStix is not afraid to push the boundaries of design. Most FishStix rods are available in colors so vibrant they'll make your eyeballs do a double take! We even pioneered the use of neon colored thread wraps on custom rods. Do the fish care about the outrageous colors? Who knows? But we suspect that FishStix specialty paint jobs and hydro dipped patterns have those fish wondering if they stumbled into an underwater disco. We like to say, "FishStix is not only the lightest in their class, they’re also the brightest in their class!" Now that's a showstopper!


Beautiful AND Tough

The appeal of a FishStix rod is more than skin deep. They’re built tough as a Texas longhorn. We use only the finest quality rod blanks that give you the perfect balance of sensitivity and strength. You'll feel every bite, and when it's time to reel 'em in, you'll have the power to lift 'em like a rodeo champ. All our components are top-notch, including insert-free micro guides, so you won't have to worry 'bout cracking, chipping, or cutting your line. It's smooth sailing all the way.

Comfort and Performance
Let's talk comfort. FishStix rods are lighter than a feather dancing' in the breeze. We're talking' weights as low as 2 to 3 ounces, thanks to revolutionary micro guides that are 83 percent lighter than them standard ones. Add in our split grips and split reel seats, and you've got a rod that'll have you fishing' all day without an aching' bone in sight. Folks tell us how these rods have made fishing' a pleasure, lettin' 'em cast and reel without a care in the world. That's what we're all about - makin' fishing as easy as pie.

But we’re not done yet. FishStix rods outperform the rest, plain and simple. Our micro guide technology gives you longer casts with fewer tangles and knots. And — get this — we've even thrown in built-in measurement marks on the rod, so you'll know if that fish you caught is legal size or not. Talk about convenience! And these rods are so sensitive, they can practically feel a fish thinkin' about takin' the bait. It's like they got a sixth sense for fishy business. Plus, our split reel seats not only look mighty fine, but they also give you the utmost control and sensitivity. You'll be reeling 'em in like a true angling maestro.

The best part? When you buy a FishStix rod, you’re not just buying a piece of fishing gear. You're supporting a whole family and a community. When you cast with FishStix, you're part of something bigger, something that makes a splash in the best possible way.


Let's talk fishing tactics. 

FishStix has a rod for every occasion. We call them situational rods because they're built for specific needs. Whether you're looking to hook trout, flounder, or redfish, we’ve got just the right rod for the job. Here are a few recommendations:

  • For throwin' tails only, our 7' M/L rod is your go-to choice. It's lightweight and durable, just what you need for some serious tail-flippin' action.
  • If you're a wade fishing aficionado who loves artificial lures, the 6'6" M/L rod is your ticket to success. It's got the backbone and sensitivity to reel 'em in like a pro.
  • Need an all-around rod for bays and lakes? Look no further than our 7' Medium or 6'6" Medium. They can handle just about any bait you throw their way.
  • Now, if you're fixin' to throw heavy spoons and poppin' corks, our 7' M/H rod is the one you want. It's built tough to handle those big boys.
  • When it comes to drum and other hefty fellas, our "DrumStix" is your new best friend. It's a 7' Medium Heavy rod that'll have you poppin' corks and reelin' in drum like a pro.
  • If you're lookin' to tackle big fish offshore or at the jetties, our "MVP" (Most Valuable Pole) is the one you want. It's a real game-changer.


What are you wading for? 

Step up your fishing game with FishStix. We'll have you catching fish — and making memories — with style, strength, and a whole lot of Texas flair, no matter where in the world you are.